Integral valorization of marine resources: potential, technological innovation and new applications





The project aims to value marine resources through research, development and demonstration of new products and improvement of production processes, proposing innovative solutions for the creation of new healthy food products using innovative and efficient technologies.



- Research and development of innovative preserves and snacks, proposing new strategies to extend the shelf life of fish preparations;

- Development and optimization of new products, technologies and processes for aquaculture production in Portugal and Europe;

- Marine biorefinery - Isolation of marine bioactive compounds for use in a wide range of applications including formulations for functional foods or in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries;

- Research and development of a technological platform to support traceability information, enabling the information to be made available to companies and the end consumer in an integrated way, taking into account the entire value chain in question;

- Disseminate scientific and technical achievements and ensure mechanisms to promote the economic value of project results.

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