Integrated valorization of agri-food by-products for use in food and feed


Universidade do Minho (UM); Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP); Cintesis - Faculty of Medicine, Universidade do Porto; Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Universidade Porto; Matadouro Central Entre Douro e Minho S.A .; Primor Charcutaria - Prima, S.A .; Fábrica de Conservas a Poveira, S.A.; Unicer Bebidas, S.A.; Germen Moagem de Cereais, S.A.; Valinox - Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A.


The agri-food industry generates a high amount of by-products with a high economic and environmental impact, which, for the most part, due to the inexistence of an integrated solution, are still without an implemented valorization solution. Thus, this project aims to establish the integrated valorization of by-products of several food industries, rich in proteins or polysaccharides, developing an approach of shared processes, maximizing the valorization of the fractions obtained between human and animal food. To this end, a promoter, Sorgal, an animal feed company, associates with industries (UNICER, Central Carnes, AVICASAL, Germen, Poveira, Queijo Saloio) that expect to value products or deepen the solutions already developed in previous projects, through technologies that will be integrated into a prototype to be developed by the company Valinox and aligned with the technologies already implemented by Savinor. The processes developed leading to the production of value-added products will be evaluated in prototypes by Primor, Poveira and Germen in the case of products for human consumption, and by Sorgal in animal feed. To complete the consortium, two SCT (Scientific And Technologic System) institutions join in, which will support the optimization of extraction, obtaining high value fractions, demonstration of in vitro potential and application in food formulations (UM and UCP), an institution that will support the clinical validation of the potential of food ingredients in human food (FMUP) and one that will support validation in animal feed (ICBAS). As final products it is expected a set of ingredients of different value and validated for human and animal nutrition, food prototypes and feeds incorporating the most promising ingredients and a pilot demonstration unit incorporating the processes of integrated valorization and applied to the various by-products.

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