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SOJA DE PORTUGAL celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

SORGAL was awarded the Prémio Nacional de Agricultura 2017 (Portuguese Agriculture Prize 2017), in the large companies category.

SAVINOR wins Flavor of the Year 2018.

AVICASAL wins the "Consumer's Choice 2018" award.


SORGAL gets an Honorable Mention in the NOS Inovação [NOS Innovation] awards 

SAVINOR honored with Consumer Choice Award 2017


SORGAL and AQUASOJA, certified with GlobalGap

AVICASAL becomes Flavour of the Year 2016

Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant at SAVINOR


For the second consecutive year, SOJA DE PORTUGAL held its Christmas party for its employees and family members

SAVINOR joins the Blue-bio-alliance platform, a platform linked to marine biotechnology and marine bio-resources

PET'S BEST was present for the first time in the Spanish trade fair dedicated to Petfood (Propet - March 5 to 7)


Signature of the Amendment to the Environmental Compliance Agreement of SAVINOR, with the Trofa City Council, the Portuguese Environment Agency IP, Águas do Noroeste SA, the Environmental Services Trofáguas EM.

AVICASAL celebrates 40 years. 


Implementation of an Environmental Management System;

Opening of the second pet food manufacturing plant in Torres Novas;

Start up of the feathers sub-product treatment unit at AVICASAL;

Publication of the first Sustainability Report;

SORGAL ranks 2nd place in the agro-industry sector in the 500 best companies in Portugal of the magazine Exame;

SORGAL reaches the 1st place, in the municipality of Ovar, in the ranking of the 1500 largest companies of Aveiro, published by the newspaper Diário de Aveiro.


The main guidelines for the implementation of a system of skills management and performance evaluation were defined;

Beginning of the development of a corporate Business Intelligence system;

Implementation of a new customer satisfaction assessment system for all the Group's business areas;

Winner of a national prize at the European Business Awards.


SAVINOR obtained NP ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification;

Definition of the sustainability strategy.


Obtaining IFS certification in the area of pet food;

Start of the project aiming at the implementation of the Management System for Research, Development and Innovation.


Construction of one of the new treatment and valorization unit of animal by-products in SAVINOR;

Beginning of the Environmental Education and Sustainability Program with local community schools;

Go-live of the new SAP computer system;

The industrial units of Oliveira de Frades and Ovar obtained the environmental licensing.


70% of the global production of compound feeds for aquaculture was destined for export to Spain and other EU countries;

Strong penetration in new customers and in various market segments in the area of pet food business, which has tripled production on this date.


Construction of a manufacturing plant for the production of pet food, starting its activity that same year;

Acquisition of the company SAVINOR, with two synergistic business areas: the production and slaughter of poultry meat and the collection, treatment and valorization of by-products;

Acquisition of SPA - Sociedade de Produtos Avícolas, S.A.;

AVICASAL obtained the Quality Certification by the directive NP EN ISO 9001: 2000, from the production of live chicken in the integrated to the trading posts;

Torres Novas industrial unit obtained the Environmental Licensing.


Enlargement and modernization of the AVICASAL slaughter unit, increasing its slaughtering capacity from 5000 birds/ hour to 7200 birds/ hour.


SORGAL obtained the Quality Certification by the directive NP EN ISO 9001: 2000.


Start of exports to North Africa and reinforcement of the sales in the Spanish market in the area of compound feeds for aquaculture.


Merger by incorporation into SORGAL of companies manufacturing compound feeds (SPAC, SOJAMIL and SOJAOESTE);

A great impulse is given to the production of compound feeds for aquaculture, with the construction of a new factory;

SORGAL advances with the creation of two new brands, Sirdog and Sircat, for the import and marketing of pet food.


Acquisition of S. Tiago poultry farm, S.A.


Acquisition of 25% of SPAC, which was owned in 100% by SOJA DE PORTUGAL;

Reinforcement of the participation in the poultry meat business, with the acquisition of 100% of the capital of AVICASAL.


Transformation of SOJA DE PORTUGAL into a holding company. As a result, SORGAL was created, inheriting the company's industrial activity;

Entry into the poultry meat business with the acquisition of 50% of the capital of AVICASAL.


The compound feeds factory in Oliveira de Frades, SPAC, is acquired (75%). 


The company's shares are listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange.


The company's shares are listed on the Porto Stock Exchange. 


SOJA DE PORTUGAL ranks fourth in the 20 industrial companies with the highest gross value added.


Transformation of SOJA DE PORTUGAL into a Joint-stock Company and the compound feeds factory was successively expanded and transformed, increasing its production capacity.


Beginning of the trials of compound feeds new manufacturing and creation of the SOJAGADO brand for its marketing.


The company SOJA DE PORTUGAL, Lda. was founded by a group of Portuguese industrialists, which had as main objective the preparation of all soy products. However, the inconveniences of an easy improvisation quickly became disastrous, paralyzing the factory and leading to its abandonment.

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