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SOJA DE PORTUGAL at the 7th Meeting of IJUP

The Rectory of the University of Porto received the 7th Meeting of the IJUP (Young Investigation of the University of Porto) and SOJA DE PORTUGAL couldn’t miss it.

As part of this initiative, two papers were presented sponsored by the Group through the participation of its technicians: "Effect of Dietary L-tryptophan Supplementation on Growth Performance and Feed Utilization in Dicentrarchus Reared at Two Densities" and "Carob Seed Germ Meal as a Partial Fish Meal Substitute in Diets for Meager (Argyrosomus regius): Growth and Health Status".

Elisabete Matos, AQUASOJA technician, represented SOJA DE PORTUGAL as moderator of the Biological Sciences II session, where both papers were presented.

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