Plant proteins and vegetable oil do not have detrimental effects on post-mortem muscle instrumental texture, sensory properties and nutritional value of gilthead seabream

Elisabete Matos, Amparo Gonçalves, Narcisa Bandarra, Rita Colen, Maria Leonor Nunes, Luísa M.P. Valente, Maria Teresa Dinis, Jorge Dias

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Dietary tools to modulate glycogen storage in gilthead seabream muscle: glycerol supplementation

Tomé S. Silva, Elisabete Matos, Odete Cordeiro, Rita Colen, Tune Wulff, Eduardo Sampaio, Vera Sousa, Luísa M.P. Valente, Amparo Gonçalves, Joana M.G. Silva, Narcisa Bandarra, Maria Leonor Nunes, Maria Teresa Dinis, Jorge Dias, Flemming Jessen, Pedro Rodrigues

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Effects of pre-slaughter stress levels on the postmortem sarcoplasmic proteomic profile of gilthead seabream muscle

Tomé S. Silva, Odete Cordeiro, Elisabete Matos, Tune Wulff, Jorge Dias, Flemming Jessen, Pedro Rodrigues

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